Your one stop solution for everything audio

Sinephony is a music and audio production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a long and diverse background in musicianship, composing and music production, we strive to enhance whatever medium we are writing for. We can offer music composing, arranging, sound effects, voice over, field recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Simply, we want to be your one stop solution for everything audio.

Being able to give and receive personal feedback, we use our creativity and professional knowledge to give you an original polished sound product of the highest quality possible. Whatever your needs are and whatever genre, we are driven to deliver in time, with 100 % satisfaction.

Daniel and Anton met in high school at Rytmus Musikgymnasium in Stockholm 2007. They soon started to play together in different bands and have worked together since. The projects they have worked on vary from classical string concerts to modern space MMO Elite: Dangerous.